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I’m working on a new company called Gradient to bring advanced mathematical modeling to more businesses, which I started in October 2015 while at Wharton getting my MBA.

In summer ’15 I interned at Venmo, which I wrote about here. You can find my resume here.

In a prior life, I’ve started a company, led the development of a large international climate policy project, and recently managed the finance workstream for the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, which was covered in the New York Times, The Economist, The Guardian, Bloomberg, and got a tweet from the President. In a previous role, I brokered several multimillion dollar carbon credit transactions under the Clean Development Mechanism.

I studied math at Pomona College and environmental policy at the London School of Economics. My master’s thesis explored how markets might price future physical climate risks and shift long-term investments in anticipation of climate change.

I grew up in DC and have been lucky to live in LA, London, San Francisco, Philadelphia and now NYC.

I’m an avid rock climber and photographer. Powered by coffee

Founder / Champion for Life, The Grand Society of Extraordinarily Dextrous Gentlepersons

Creator of the Timespace Map of New York

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